Sunday, February 24, 2013

Date 75 - Laughter Is The Way To True Love!

Date: Saturday, February 9, 2013
Type: Double, Travel
Cost: $$$
Planned By: My Mom, Michelle

For Christmas my mom decided to buy each of us girls tickets to an event. For Michelle she bought tickets to see the touring Second City show. Adam and I saw Second City while we were in Chicago in high school so we decided to take a trip down to Columbus to see the show with them. For those of you who do not know what Second City is... It's a improvisational comedy enterprise based in Chicago and has been the starting point for many comedians, actors, writers and directors.

BUT FIRST... there was a huge surprise waiting for me at Michelle's. I got my big birthday present soon after I got there. Michelle, Amanda, my mom & Rob, grandma, Debbie & Richard, Zak, Jim, and Adam pitched in to buy me a Nikon D3000 DSLR camera package. It came with the body, 18-55mm and 55-200mm lenses, two DVDs, an 8 GB memory card and a carrying bag. I have been wanting this for some time, and I am so grateful that everyone was able to get it for me! Because of my wonderful family I can start my photography hobby! Any one want there picture taken?

So for lunch we went to 101 Beer Kitchen. It is a rustic type restaurant with some great food and beer options. The portion sizes are huge and delicious! It was really nice trying out a new place in Columbus.
For dinner we went to one of my favorite places in Columbus.. mostly because it is super close to their apartment and they have awesome margaritas. We went to El Vaquero! As many of you know we love Mexican food so it was a great place for dinner for our double date! We got tacos and burritos and yummy margaritas!

Next, we went to the show. It was a touring troupe and they were performing at the Lincoln Theater. Even though we bought the tickets at different times we sat pretty close to each other. We were in the orchestra section and only about 10 rows back from the stage. It was a great view! The performers were very funny. They had many pre rehearsed skits and songs, but they also did a bunch of improv skits with help from the audience. They were every some parts with audience participation which was a lot of fun! I always love when comedians break character and laugh at themselves, and this happened a few times, which makes me laugh even harder! We had a great time, and if you are looking for a great comedy show I would recommend Second City! They're touring group was hilarious, but I would definitely push anyone visiting Chicago to see them there!
We had a great weekend spending time with Michelle and Jim! It is really nice that they aren't too far away for a quick weekend getaway. 

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