Sunday, March 3, 2013

Date 78 - Everything's Better With Rainbows!

Date: Saturday, March 2, 2013
Type: Home & Away, Family, Themed
Cost: $$$
Planned By: Dani

My sisters and I love celebrating our birthdays together. We recently decided to combine birthday since we all live in different cities. My birthday and Michelle's boyfriend, Jim, birthday was first up for the combined party. I decided to plan it since everyone was coming up to Cleveland for it. I chose a rainbow theme because I knew we would be celebrating in March and its pretty close to St. Patrick's Day. Everyone knows those leprechauns love their rainbows! So here goes...

I told everyone to wear a different color of the rainbow. Red - Michelle, Orange - Zak, Yellow - Jim, Green - Amanda, Blue - Adam and  Violet for Me! Everyone was very willing to participate, and I think we looked adorable.
For our first activity we went to BA Sweeties Candy Warehouse. Everyone had to find a piece of candy in their color. This place is huge as you may remember from our candy themed date. Everyone had a great time reminiscing about our favorite childhood candy and just looking at the rows and rows of delicious candy! We found Whirlypops in every person's color, and everyone succeeded at finding something they like in their personal color.
Everyone bought a chocolate coin in their color. We attempted to take a picture of all of us flipping them. It took many tries, and it still didn't turn out very good. No problem though.. it was fun!
Before dinner we snacked on my Rainbow Fruit tray and tried to make rainbow shots. One time in college someone ordered these shots that changed color as they poured them. It was amazing! I looked up the directions and decided it wouldn't be too hard. I was wrong. We tried four times, and we never really got the full rainbow. They tasted OK though.
Right before dinner we met up with Michelle and Jim's friend who so conveniently was wearing Indigo without even being told the theme! He completed our rainbow!!
For dinner we went to Flannery's Pub, and Irish type restaurant on East 4th street. Amanda and I  tried their Magner's Irish Cider and Adam got Great Lakes Conway's Irish Ale to keep the theme going. Both were good! Everyone loved the food and the atmosphere was really nice and comfortable.
After dinner we went to City Tap for a couple extra drinks. The bar tender made us some cool rainbowish shots to make up for our poorly made rainbow shots at home.
For the end of the night, our pot of gold was the amazing S'more Cake that Michelle kindly slaved over for three days. This cake was extremely complicated and huge. It has brownie cake, cheesecake, chocolate chip cookie cake, graham crackers, marshmallow and chocolate frosting. I was so impressed with her baking skills with this cake!!
For the rest of the night we played Glee Karaoke Revolution and went to bed.
For breakfast we got Fruity Pebbles, but no one wanted them.
Overall, this was a really fun birthday party. We had amazing food, fun activities, and great company. Every time we all get together we have a great time an this was no different. If you liked this one check the funky town birthday celebration from last year.

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