Sunday, June 14, 2015

Date 149 - You Better Beerlieve It.

Date: Saturday, June 13, 2015
Type: Group, Annual
Cost: $$
Planned By: Tash & Bobby

Adam and I attended and participated in the 3rd Annual Towne Beer Olympics at Tasha & Bobby's house.
There were 13 people participating. Tasha and I revealed the randomized teams on Friday night through a silly video of a "live" drawing. We were really surprised by how the random teams actually ended up with mostly the people who wanted to be together.

Team 1: Hashtag Winning 
Me, Adam, Derrick, Jessica and Emily
Team 2: No Name
Alice, Krista, Tim and Corey
Team 3: #Team1Sucks
Tasha, Bobby, Amanda and John
Game 1: Beer Pong
Do I need to explain this? Throw a ping pong ball in one of the opposite teams cups and they have to drink it and remove it from play. Whichever gets them all first wins! Every player got to play three times. Adam and I lost one game and won the other.
Game 2 : Beer Ball
Beer Ball is an intense game. You have a partner and each team takes turns throwing their ball at an opposite players beer can. If you it hit the can your partner chugs until the other team retrieves the ball and puts it on the table yelling stop. Adam and I won both of our games. Opening the can is hard (top right photo).
Game 3: Thunderball
Difficult to explain just go read about it here. Our team won one of the games and lost the other.

Game 4: Flip Cup
Drink the contents of your cup, flip it.. then the rest of the team follows. Be faster than the other teams. Simple as that. Each team played each team in a best out of three. Our team beat team 2, but team 3 beat us.
Game 5: Beer Tray Race
Fill up an ice cube tray with beer, suck it out with a straw as fast as possible. Our team lost this game.
Game 6: Louisville Chugger
Fill a bat with beer, drink it, hit a ball, run the bases - then the rest of the team follows. Our team won this game!
Game 7:  Relay Race
Do it all! Hit a can in beer ball, sink a cup in beer pong, drink and flip a cup, spin, hit and run the bases and tag the next team mate - all while drinking a whole beer before your team is done. Our team won this game!
The overall winner of the 3rd Annual Beer Olympics was Team 1 Hashtag Winning!!!!!
Manda threw water on us because she's a sore loser lol
2nd Place: Team 3 #Team1Sucks

The scoreboards:

Along with the copious amounts of beer we consumed we also had burgers, hotdogs, party pretzels, chips and dip, watermelon, cookies, mac n' cheese, etc.

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